Uppdragshuset efficiently identifies the facts you need to make the right decisions along the innovation process. The team of experienced specialists uses customized tools to rapidly search vast amounts of global information. All their clients need to consider is the incisive analysis of the selected documents that Uppdragshuset provides. No matter where, no matter what, it will be found. This is as much the company’s mission as well as passion: a dedicated focus on “the art of finding”.
Their areas of specific expertise are:

  • Search Services: The consultants are specialists in finding technical information to provide an opinion and analysis regarding in particular Patentability, Validity and FTO considerations.
  • IPR-Tools: AutoMatch is an automatic prior art fetching tool integrated in the innovation process. From a simple text it seamlessly in the background performs a screening of the prior art and presents documents resembling the idea concept.
PatentSight connects IP with business strategy providing strategic insights along the entire IP lifecycle. PatentSight’s powerful and easy-to-use business intelligence platform, as well as their consulting expertise, create relevant and reliable results for CTOs, CIPOs and patent experts alike. The Patent Asset Index™ is the scientifically validated KPI for patent portfolio strength and innovativeness. It is frequently cited in annual shareholder reports of many companies.
"The Patent Asset Index provides an accurate view of the impact and efficiency of an enterprise’s investment in innovation."
Executive Vice President and CTO,
Dow Chemical

Corsearch is the premier provider of clearance and protection solutions for trademark and brand professionals. With highly trained researchers, an expansive global content set, and customer-designed technology tools, Corsearch empowers its customers with the ability to easily, quickly, and flexibly monitor and protect their brands in an increasingly complex business environment.