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analytics & portfolio

What is it?

Add functionalities to your existing docketing system, including

  • clustering of families to portfolios
  • perform portfolio analysis
  • dashboards to track progress & KPIs
  • derive strategic decisions

Provide easy access to data using Integrated Analytics


  • Low “Risk of Change” (keep what you have)
  • Added functionalities for strategic aspects
  • Modern look & feel for management users


  • Easy access to data using Integrated Analytics
  • Secure access to reporting outside of the docketing system
  • Eliminates the need for IT support to create reports and queries
  • Supports all browsers, mobile friendly


Adds advanced analytical functionality to existing IP management systems, including:

  • Clustering of families within portfolios
  • Performance of portfolio analytics
  • Dashboards to track progress & KPIs
  • Strategic decision making tools