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prior art

What is it?

Get direct decision support on invention disclosures at an early stage by using an automated analysis based on the idea text.
Automatch retrieves and presents documents that are most relevant to the concept using advanced semantic processing. This enables you to automatically assess the preliminary prior art to filter out more rapidly all previously known concepts, in order to focus exclusively on the promising ideas.

“AutoMatch retrieved relevant documents in 50% of the cases. It was estimated that documents retrieved by AutoMatch helped filtering out about 25% of the invention disclosures”

Oticon A/S


  • Achieve better efficiency, with higher quality at reduced costs
  • Save efforts by avoiding reinventing the wheel and focus on the promising inventions
  • “No click” experience through fully automated retrieval of prior art documents



  • Compares ideas with previous concepts based on a semantic search algorithm
  • Efficiently review the most relevant prior art documents
  • Specify technical area for even better results
  • Fully integrated in your workflow for a “no-click experience”